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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

AFFILIATE PROGRAM, how to make free

Before  you read this article, please click at this link to know what Affiliate program is..

- You can join if you like..

Affiliate program is one from many way to give us the opportunity for making money from online. But almost need we make a payment first before we can join this program. Now i will explain to you how we can join this program for free..

How ??..

To many customers, usually they will offer us to use their program in trial period like in 14 day or 30 day for free. We should try to join them at this time and we need make more hard work at this time.. You need to get more friends to invite and join under you.. So many way you coulds used, like email, sms or what ever you like.. You need get more supporter in trial day.. Dont waste you time ..

When the trial period has expired, you must look at the results for your hard work during this period. Now you need to check how much you get from your earning or your rewards points..and compare with how much that you must paid for the registration. I give sample here..

For registration the cost is $10.00 -

Your earn or reward you have $ 20.00 -

So now you have balance $10.00 , At HERE YOU get FREE for registration and your own money..!!!

At this time, all you need is to get $10.00 for free registration, it's you get more, it bonus to you..

What happen if my Earn below $10.00 -

If this happen, i can 't help you, you can forget about this program or you can continue with make a payment's up to you, if you think you can get more, you can try, if not, find other affiliated program..

Or.. you can make a new registration with a new email address and try again..

See ya..


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