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Thursday, December 31, 2009


I like to share with my experience when i start to make money online.. because i believe everyone have a dreams .. " you can buy anything you want, you can go anywhere you want "..

But how we can get all in our dreams..? In Internet you can find the short way to get your dreams..But not all can help you, if you not be carefull.. This my result ..

1. Not all from their offers  we will get .. All their offer truly just for make you interested to join them.. see this . They will give you free points maybe in 1000 and your Pending earn $30.00 for invite you to join..but you still not know, all point and your earn can not be use until you get what they want..After you make what they want you do, the points and your earn will start from Zero..

2. To many not logical from logical ..Look this " Do not do anything, in 10minute, you will get cash $3000.00 ".. Think this,  I give you corn seed, you plant and wait for corn to grow on its own,you just wait and see.. so you think the  Corn will grow healthy? If they have success with this way,that five from 100 people..believe me..

3. Click Adds and get money free money !! Did you see my Ads in this Hub? Did you click my Ads? I think you just see like the others , if my Hubpage have a 30 visitor perday, i guarantee i will got " none"  click for my Ads, you know why ? Because we know what the ads for..So when and who will click my Ads ?.. I think Advertisers must think others way..he..he..

If you not know or if you not lucky , you will paid only 0.01% for your hard work..That means, if you want to get $0.10 cent, you must have 10 click per day..easy or not ?

For disappointed you, you can try this, but don't know its illegal or not..

For Advertiser you know this keyword - Pay per clik or P P C..

For Us, we  used this keywords - " You click  I click "  or Y C I C.. That means, you click my Ads, i will Click your Ads..

4. Advertiser will help for your dreams come true.. Did you believe it ? The true  is.. Advertisers get their dream from you..not know why ? If you buy their products, you just help Advertisers plus their own money..What you get ? You get nothing until you  make hard work for this Advertiser..

5. They run from you.. in this case, i have more experience..After you make hard work and you get some (maybe more) money, you will block or will Ban you  with a variety of reasons as your own click , click suspicious or anythings else. They can make it, because we not know and never known..

Your your nightmare.. The website has disappeared from Internet.. They will enjoy with your income!!!

HOWEVER.. you can try and never give up !! I just want to share my experience.. That All..


See ya


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