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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I think we can share this, i taken  it from my Inspiration Member Team..

Before i continue this article, i give to you questions here,

1. You know, many of file virus is a hidden , so how you can find that file ?

2. You want to delete you old file but you did'nt know where your is file ?

3. You found a illegal file that you believe that is virus, but you can not delete that file ?

4. You want to clean up your computer from your own file that you can selected what file you want to remove?

5. You find a lot of files scattered in your My Computer, so you must selected that file and keep into the right folder..

6. You search in internet what software that you can use for that problem, but all software, you need to buy ?
Ok.. now i give you my answer..

Do not buy any software !! .. You can use the free software maybe have in your computer..

What software that i can use to resolved my problem ?

I suggest you use Nero software..

Why Nero, as i known Nero it's used for Burning ? And how to get Nero for free and can be used ?

Yes, Nero is used for burning, but at the same time, you can used Nero for others jobs because with Nero, you can see all file in your computer and can not be hide..

If you don't have Nero in your computer, you need to download in internet , you can download from here


Before you start download , select old the Nero software version like below 7.01ver something.. you know, if you use the old version, you can get the license for free ( crack file can be use) .

Ok.. after your download completed, you need to install that file to your computer..

Now.. we start with Nero..

Open you Nero program .Use Nero Express because its easy to learn..

- Click at Data and choose Data disk..

- Now, click Add to start to select your file.

- See the location that you can use to select what partition you want to start search your file.

- Move arrow at no 2  and select you partitions..

- Now you can look all the file will show from My local disk, no hidden you can choose what file should not be there, and must be remove..

- As to REMEMBER, DO NOT REMOVE THAT FILE YOU DON'T KNOW.. I suggest you select only your file..

Lastly , i give this tips ..

- This file can not have in your local disk (C:) because maybe is a Virus ,if you find this file, you can delete..

This file extension with

- . Bat

- . Exe.
- .Doc ( is maybe your word file )

See again.


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