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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


At  article Vol 1,  i have explain to you how we can make money use Twitter Ads, Now in this article, i will show you how we can promote RevTwt site for make more money from this website.

-Before we start, you must have your own blog or website for using this program.

- Login in  RevTwt or you can  CLICK HERE  to enter.

- Enter your email Address and Password that you make for registrations .

- Now, open new browser so you can login into your blog or your website so you can make new article like this, you can copy  this article if you like..

-  Open back your RevTwt website and Follow my introduction given.

- From menu RevTwt , Click at Referral

- See this image

- At menu Referral, you have 3 code that you can used for make promote this site in your article and blog.

1. A- Make a new article and invite your friends to join this , use this code for your suggestion.

2. B dan C - Use this code and show in your main blog so you can invite your visitor for join this program with your suggestions.

If their join from you, you will get 20% from their earn..

- Now click at ShortURL for make another promotion..

- If you don't know what is your  URL in Twitter, follow this this picture below..

- Go in your Twitter account and click at Setting,

- See at  Username and beside the column you will given your URL using for Twitter. Copy that URL.

- Paste in  Shorten it column and click.

- Now, you will given your short-cut for your URL for Twitter.

- Click at SelectPgsURL for marked that URL..

- Then, Click at  Tweet it so you can promote this..

- Now, use your creativiti for create Keyword for interes people for click your promote. Click  Update to start.

And next promotions is we can use BlogAds to show in your article. Follow  what i given below

- Complete this column with information your blog.

- Do not change at Reader countries, we want use all.

- Put your Address your blog at ADDURL column.

- Now click at  Get Code

- Copy this code and put in your article...

Try before late

MY friends,
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