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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

REMEMBER again !!!

Are you interested to increase income through the Internet? Yes, i want it..But, how if they trick me? What should i do for prepare this? What is the necessary steps can be taken..

Before you can start making money , you may known this..

1. When you get an offer, you must know how their offer is ? Do we need to pay them first for any registration? If you are still interested even if charged, would you be able to do the task given? For your tips, Don't just see their offer, but you must see what should yo do from their offer.

You must know, not all visitors will click on ads that exhibited unless they really need. So you must wisely evaluate where the best. In my experience, the Ads that can be attract people only how we can make money or sex-related..With this Ads you can make money ,but I think not all Advertiser will give you opportunities to do this..If you have bad luck, you will Ban..So what i must choose ?.. I cannot give you the correct answers, but i suggest you to choose what people need ? What product they like ?

Kinds of daily necessities such as electric sets, kitchen items maybe the right choose for you. In this options, i suggest you to use Amazon Associates because they have all people need..

2.You also need to be vigilant, especially during the registration process ,because we are usually asked to agree with all conditions. Fraud can happen here, especially if you have a credit card or Debit card without your realizing it, you have agreed to allow the money taken directly from your credit card, so you should read the details on registration. Especially when you are asked to enter credit card account number or your Paypal email.

3. Understand about the feasibility of the selected ad, Does your country can match or not. This can prevent your wasting time, Get information about companies selected from the Internet or join any Forum that you think may help.

4.Follow and obey all the conditions stipulated, do not try to make fool because when you think you smart, there more smart than you. Patience is trhe key to success.

5. Choose that company or Advertiser that your heard before, do not choose unknown company, because they only want to USED you..

6. More important, when you get the limit can draw you earn money, do the money transfer directly into your account. Do not wait because of greed. This would disadvantage if unexpected things happen.



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